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Calm The Fuck Down - Lavender Milk Bath

Calm The Fuck Down - Lavender Milk Bath

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16 oz Calm The Fuck Down Lavender Milk Bath

Hydrate, nourish and soften skin from deep within with our Calm The Fuck Lavender Milk Bath Soak. This indulgent bath soak, formulated with organic dehydrated goats milk, is guaranteed to take the bathing experience to a new level of luxury by working to soften your skin.

Not only does it exude peace, it is also incredibly easy to use, just take a sizeable amount and add it to a bath. Be sure to do this under running water so as to ensure that the essential oils vaporize once they come in contact with water.

Has anti-inflammatory properties, and designed to hydrate and soften skin

Helps reduce the symptoms of:

- Itchy/dry skin

- Eczema

- Psoriasis

- Sunburn

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